Is there an alternative photo booth?

I love photo booths, they provide great entertainment for guests at weddings.  However, I’ve always felt they were lacking in something.  With the explosion of social media, I never felt they had really kept up.  After each event I would have a print out that just sat there gathering dust and never really felt they quite warranted framing for the wall.  As a wedding photographer I wanted to provide an alternative photo booth.


The alternative photo booth has arrived!


I’m so excited to be able to give an option for an alternative photo booth.  Everyone has so much fun with Gifimatic, I just love watching guests use it at their special event.

Bulky photo booths are a thing of the past.  No more taking up half the dance floor that taking ages to setup.  Gifimatic is so easy to setup, usually 15 minutes, and as it can be battery powered (weather permitting) you can even have Gifimatic outside!!

No more print outs sitting there on the pin board hidden behind the notes and bills for years to come.  Gifimatic can send the gif to your mobile where you can then share it on social media and even see all the other gifs in the gallery. Check out some of the gifs in the gallery here.

This is a great alternative to the traditional photo booth that your guests will enjoy and talk about during and after the event.  If you’re interested in having Gifimatic at your event then please do get in touch.