Meet Dave

I have the greatest job in the world –  Photographing happy people celebrating one of the best days in a couple’s life!

I’m a husband to my beautiful wife Natalie and a father to 3 awesome little people who can only be described as cheekier little versions of me.  They all make me laugh, although I’m funnier than my wife (100% of people asked about Dave being funnier say this is true*).

Most people tell me that I’m a laid back and a relaxed guy, which I think really helps with those wedding day nerves, you really don’t want your wedding photographer to be stressing on the day and making you freak out too.  I take things as they come, which is the way I like it, as this allows me to take pictures when those fabulous moments occur.  I will of course also be working my butt off for you, I hate doing a bad job which is why I dedicate a lot of time and effort in practising my craft and also trying new things.

I feel extremely privileged to be part of a couple’s wedding day, with happy people celebrating an amazing couple’s love for each other.  What more could I ask for?

Talking of love, while I love my wife and kids, I LOVE coffee, it’s one of my daily pleasures in life and I’m not sure I could survive without it.  Tea just doesn’t cut it anymore (I blame the kids for this one!).  It has to be proper coffee too, none of this instant stuff for me!  Yeah, I’m a coffee snob.

Beer and Gin are also on my list of likes.  So if coffee isn’t available these are good substitutes unless it’s breakfast time.

The Foo Fighters are one of my favourite bands, but I listen to all types of music, depending on what mood I’m in.  I sometimes have to stop myself from dancing when I’m taking pictures on the dance floor.

I’m a bit of a geek if I’m honest.  I even worked in IT :/  I love gadgets and new technology.  Talking of which, have you seen my awesome gif booth?

So there you have it, a tiny snippet of me.  If you like what you’ve read then I’m probably the man for the job, or maybe you want to chat some more over a coffee/beer/gin, if so get in touch.  If not, seriously? Why are you still here?

*= In this survey only my youngest child and I were asked.

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